Electromagnetic Feed and Rapid Traverse 'Slip-Ring' Type Clutch Adjustment Instructions

For Models 41B and 42B machines

Lucas used several types and brands of electromagnetic clutches during the production run of these machines. Some clutches were non-adjustable (they were actually self-adjusting). These instructions ONLY apply to adjustable type clutches that are supplied DC electrical power by a 'slip-ring'.

Clutch Adjustment Instructions:

  1. Remove the Main Motor drive belts.
  2. Insert a piece of 0.015 non-magnetic feeler gauge stock between the magnet plate and the magnet body thru the slot in the side of the adjustment ring.
  3. Engage the clutch (apply electrical power).
  4. A properly adjusted clutch will cause a 'light drag' on the feeler gauge stock when it is removed.
  5. If the clutch requires adjustment, remove the power from the clutch.
  6. Loosen the 'pinch-bolt' that is on the adjustment ring.
  7. Rotate the adjustment ring a small amount.
  8. Tighten the 'pinch-bolt' that is on the adjustment ring.
  9. Re-check the air gap as described in steps 2 thru 4.
  10. Repeat as necessary.

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