Part Numbers for Common Repair Parts

Air Chamber Diaphragms:

Air Chambers were used on many machines as low cost, high force cylinders to operate a variety of mechanisms. They contain an internal 'rubbery' diaphragm that is subject to failure and subsequent replacement. Here is a stock number listing for the replacement diaphragms for the several types of air chambers used on Lucas machines:

Air Chamber Marking Air Chamber Construction Diaphragm Stock No Diaphragm Markings
Type '12' Rolling Diaphragm 905974 236525
Type 'E' Bolted Flange 905975 237526
Type '9' Rolling Diaphragm 905976 236524
Type '16' Rolling Diaphragm 905977 236526
Type 'A' Bolted Flange 905978 239884
Type '24' Clamped Flange 907823 236667



Cog Belts are used as the 'final drive' for high-speed Spindle Rotation on many Lucas models. The following chart will help you determine which belt stock fits your machine.

Pitch Teeth Pitch Length 3/8 Inch Wide 1 Inch Wide 1-1/4 Inch Wide 1-3/4 Inch Wide 1-7/8 Inch Wide 2 Inch Wide 2-3/8 Inch Wide 2-1/2 Inch Wide 3 Inch Wide 3-1/2 Inch Wide 3-3/4 Inch Wide 3-7/8 Inch Wide 4 Inch Wide 4-1/2 Inch wide
0.2 35 7 906695 x x x x x x x x x x x x x
1/2 108 54 x x 905862 x x x 906077 No 900 x x x x x x
1/2 126 63 x x x x x 905858 x x x x x 905897 905897 x
1/2 140 70 x x 905902 x x x x 905861 x x x x x x
1/2 170 85 x x x x 905895 x x x x x 906415 906416 906416 x
1/2 48 24 x 901812 x x x x x x x x x x x x
1/2 83 41.5 x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
3/4 50 37.5 x x x x x x x x 905864 x x x x x
3/4 56 42 x x x x x x x x x 906165 x x x x
3/4 75 56.25 x x 906134 906134 x x x x x x x x x x
3/4 88 66 x *906345 x *905860 x x x x x x x x x *905906
7/8 55 48.125 x x x x x x x x 906135 x x x x x
7/8 58 50.75 x x x x x x x x 906344 906164 x x x 906533
1-1/4 62 77.5 x x x x x x x x *906547 x x x x x
1-1/4 64 80 x x x x x x x x x x x x ()907874 x


() = Mechanical Modifications Required


Machine Hand-cranks:

Many machines use hand-cranks. The older types of cranks were unsafe, since they could be 'forgotten' on the shaft when the machine was returned to power operation. The crank listed below has a 'kick-out' mechanism to not allow the crank to be forgotten while still on the shaft.

Stock Number Description
41-1683 New Style Crank Handle


Way Wipers:

Early Lucas way wipers (in the days before commercial wipers became available) were actually Lucas part numbers. We no longer stock individual part numbered wipers for the earlier machine models. Part number 905781 is a 'stick' of way wiper material that may be trimmed to length and used to replace most of the individually numbered parts after drilling suitable mounting holes. The 'T' and the 'DC' series of machines continue to use individually part numbered wipers. We have packaged kits of wipers for these models. Each kit should contain the proper quantities and sizes of individual way wipers to fit the largest machines of these models. Smaller machines may have an excess quantity of certain wipers that can be used for future 'spot' replacement duty.

Stock Number Description Usage
905781 Type "D" Wiper Material 41B, 42B and previous models
4117-01-00 20DC Way Wiper Kit 20DC Machines
4217-04-00 30DC Way Wiper Kit 30DC Machines
4417-08-00 30T Way Wiper Kit 30T Machines
4717-11-00 40T Way Wiper Kit 40T Machines


Electric Clutch 'Brushes':

Stock Number Description Specs
906041 Replacement Brush Insert 0.157 Dia Brush for 906044
906044 Brush Assembly w/Insert M14x1.5 Thread; 18MM Range
906043 Replacement Brush Insert 0.236 Dia Brush for 906042
906042 Brush Assembly w/Insert M18x1.5 Thread; 22MM Range
905944 Replacement Brush Insert Two-Stage Brush for 905943
905943 Brush Assembly w/Insert M18x1.5 Thread; 22MM Range
905942 Replacement Brush Insert Two-Stage Brush for 905943
2LX2065OAK Brush Assembly w/Insert M18x1.5 Thread; 100MM Range


Also, see the Clutch Brush Chart (with Photographs) in the Clutch Area of the Technical Help Section

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