WFT 13/ 13R CNC Table Type Horizontal Boring Machine

Horizontal boring mill WFT 13 CNC stands as the most popular and marketed version of the machines produced by Fermat. This boring mill needs no introduction.  It is a universal, convenient and user-friendly machine tool for precise milling as well as coordinated boring and cutting of complicated work pieces up to 20 000 kg l 44 092 lb. Powerful headstock, high axial forces, and the most precise table in its category are just the tip of the iceberg. The machine is available in a basic configuration, as well as accompanied by a variety of accessories and modifications.  WFT 13 CNC is the general favorite, not only in European markets, but also in the USA, Canada, Russia, India, and China and throughout South America, with exports to more than 40 countries worldwide.  A long history of production and superior quality components along with satisfied customers are the standards we reflect.

The WFT 13 R CNC  is an innovative machine design due to the traveling ram. The traveling ram is ideally designed for table type horizontal borers. We produced the first machine with a travelling ram by a customer’s request.  As creative problem solvers, the Fermat Group became the first company in the Czech Republic to include ram travel on a table type of horizontal boring mill to the production line.

Machine Configuration
WFT 13  CNC- Spindle diameter 130 mm | 5.12''
WFT 13R  CNC - With traveling ram 700mm | 27.60"
It is possible to equip the machine on linear guide ways





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