WRF 130/150/160 CNC - Floor Type Horizontal Boring Machine

Horizontal Boring Mill WRF 130/150/160 CNC represents the newest concept and technology of floor-type horizontal boring mills currently on the global marketplace. Its powerful headstock consists of a movable slide ram (Z-axis) and a moveable live spindle (W-axis). The Fermat WRF Machine has excellent circular interpolation accuracy and high precision of the additional CNC Rotary Table. The column travels in the X-axis from 2400 to 28 100 mm l 94.49″ -1 106″, headstock travel can be from 2 000 mm to 6 000mm l 78.74″ – 236.22″, and ram travel of: 900 mm to 1200 mm l 35.43″-74.24″. We can tailor the machine to be suitable and specific for your production by the use of different and complimentary accessories.


Machine Congiguration
WRF 130 CNC - Spindle Diameter 130 mm | 5.12"
WRF 150 CNC - Spindle Diameter 150 mm | 5.91"
WRF 160 CNC - Spindle Diameter 160 mm | 6.30"



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