WRFT 130/150/160 CNC - Table Type Horizontal Boring Machine

Horizontal Boring Machine WRFT 130/150/160 CNC series is the largest table type horizontal borers produced by Fermat. Among other machine characteristics, it has powerful milling and drilling capacity, even at the top of Y-axis stroke with higher precision than other machines available on the market. The powerful headstock consists of a movable slide ram (V-axis) and a moveable live spindle (W-axis). Given additional optional accessories, it is possible to increase the number of controlled axes. During the metal processing, the column of the machine provides a Z-axis movement and the work pieces are clamped on the rotary table that travels on the X-axis. The standard configuration provides linear ways for all axis slides. WRFT 130/150/160 CNC is a universal boring and milling machine that allows efficient processing of large and heavy work pieces while utilizing high precision and quality of operation.


Machine Congiguration
WRFT 130 CNC - Spindle Diameter 130 mm | 5.12"
WRFT 150 CNC - Spindle Diameter 150 mm | 5.91"
WRFT 160 CNC - Spindle Diameter 160 mm | 6.30"




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